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Gensokyo no nazo

The Mystery of Gensokyo (ゲンソウキョウの謎, Gensokyo no Nazo) is an action platforming game released by 激辛spice that parodies Atlantis no Nazo. It is a follow-up to their previous Touhou doujin title, 東方遊宴世界. Travel through doors that lead you all over. Release Information Type: 2D - Action/Platformer Publisher: Gekikara Spice Year of Release: Comiket 82, Language: Japanese Number. Gensokyo no Nazo is a Touhou fan game released for the PC in It is the sequel to Touhou Yuuen Sekai, featuring similar gameplay and.

Gensokyo no Nazo, literally translated as The Mystery of Gensokyo, developed by 激辛spice and the it is the sequel to Touhou Yuuen Sekai (). Gensokyo. Rank, Player, Time, Version, Stage 0 glitch, Date. 1st, Zeldafan, 7m 48s, 7m 48s, , Yes, 1 year ago. 2nd, Shadax, 10m 48s, 10m 48s, , No, 1 year ago.