Team fortress 2 map tr_walkway download

Team fortress 2 map tr_walkway

A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the Training category, by washipato. Steam Workshop: Team Fortress 2. I DID NOT CREATE THIS MAP! I've just uploaded it from gamebanana original link. Walkway is a community-made singleplayer training map created by Washipato and Wiseguy It features AI bots that spawn and walk along.

Tr_walkway is a single player training map for Team Fortress 2, it feaures bots ( computer controled players) walking on a track. There are loads. So, I'm a casual tf2 player, and I usually stick to casual matches and some MvM. Fortress 2\tf\custom\*insert personal folder name*\maps. 4 Sep - 10 min - Uploaded by The Tutorial Guys Today you will learn how install maps on Team Fortress 2. We will be install a training map. 18 Aug Tr_walkway.

The training map you are describing is Tr_walkaway You can procure one from Training (Team Fortress 2 > Maps) - GAMEBANANA and from other sites:) With tr_walkway has settings that you can fiddle with to get just the right training. I put it in C:/PF(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/team fortress 2/tf/maps chill man. issue isnt who gets credit for the help, its if this dude can play on walkway. Perhaps the single most important training map out there, TR_walkway was designed by pro Team Fortress 2 gaming teams to train their skills. It features a long.