Zoo tycoon 2 saltwater crocodile download

Zoo tycoon 2 saltwater crocodile

Creator: Eryel · UXP, None. Status: Available. Release date: Nov 6, Credits : HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont for base mesh. Public Domain? Yes. Required. Zoo Tycoon 2 Glitches and Problems · Spinosaurus • 2 days ago. List of Official Animals in Zoo Tycoon · Superjakob • 2 days ago. Help us grow Zoo Tycoon. Probably the wrong place to post this but I can't find a good Saltwater Crocodile mod anywhere. All the ones that look good, the links no longer.

~Wisco's Zoo Tycoon~ ___Saltwater Crocodile Terrain: 80 squares salt water and 20 squares dirt. Foliage: 8 squares full with water lily. Rocks: 2 large rocks. Requires: + Download Link: przemyslawpaprotny.com codile. z2f. The Saltwater Crocodile. Biome: Scrub Diet: Carnivore Compatibility: Zoo Tycoon 2 (Works with all expansions) Bugs: Eggs don't hatch when.

Zoo Tycoon The Complete Zookeeper's Guide Terrain: 80% saltwater, 20% dirt Extras: 8% foliage (water lilies), 2% rocks (large) Exhibit Cost: $12, ( 6x